We would also like to give shot outs to our concentrate makers and edible chefs. Without these guys and girls, our diamonds would not shine and our treats would have no flavor.  We would be overwhelmed as any of you know who are really in the cannabis industry.  Some might often think from outside looking in or day dreaming of quitting their day jobs that to start their own cannabis companies that they will do everything by their selves with little help and even just rake up all the doe alone. But as we know after being in the industry for 21 years that’s just not so . It takes a team as well as connections and loyalty to make it in this industry . So without the concentrate guys blasting our products and the chef putting our distillates in those delicious treats we wouldn’t be were we are now nor would you! 

Thanks again to Tastefully Baked in Portland, Maine and 207 eatables in Lisbon, Maine.  Keep up the good work !